Soil improver & mulch for sale

From waste to a resource – we have soil improver & mulch for sale directly from our composting sites. Rejuvenate your soil with our soil improver and woodland mulch produced from green waste processed at our sites. Rejuvenate is our soil improver which will enhance your soil as well as capturing carbon in the soil. Producing sustainable soil improving products from waste.

Bulk bags of our products can be ordered below. If you require high volumes or trade rates please email 

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Rejuvenate Compost Soil Improver

£80.99 Inc VAT
  • 10mm compost soil improver
  • Peat-free high quality PAS100 soil improver
  • Use as soil conditioner to enhance the properties of the soil
  • Or use as a garden mulch if using the no dig gardening method
  • 900 litre bulk bag

Decorative Garden Mulch

£70.99 Inc VAT
  • Decorative mulch for gardens, pathways and landscaping
  • Provides an attractive finish to gardens and areas
  • 100% British and supplied in a 900-litre bulk bag
  • A mix of softwood and hardwood, with a narrow size range from 0-25mm
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to apply
  • Improves soil health over time

Woodland Garden Mulch

£70.99 Inc VAT
  • Woodland mulch for gardens, landscaping and pathways
  • 100% British and supplied in 900-litre bulk bags
  • A mix of softwood and hardwood
  • Typical particle size 0-65mm
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to apply
  • Improves soil health over time

Wood Chip

£80.99 Inc VAT
  • Produced from a mix of hardwood and softwood
  • Approximately 5-35mm in size (although there may be some larger chips)
  • Highly durable and cost-effective surface covering
  • Very free draining but helps to retain moisture in the soil
  • Use as a decorative weed suppressing layer around plants, trees or in borders
  • Apply wood chip directly onto bare earth to create paths
  • Use as a natural alternative to hardcore or chalk in gateways or heavy traffic areas during wet periods
  • 900 litre bulk bag