Woodland Garden Mulch

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  • Coarse mulch
  • Perfect mulch for garden and border landscaping
  • Cost-effective mulch option
  • From a mix of softwood and hardwood
  • Typical particle size 0-65mm
  • 900 litre bulk bag

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  • Woodland mulch for gardens
  • Perfect mulch for garden and border landscaping
  • Also great for pathways
  • From a mix of softwood and hardwood
  • Typical particle size 0-65mm
  • We recommend woodland much is spread to a thickness of 75mm to obtain best results

Our Woodland Garden Mulch is 100% British, supplied in 900 litre bulk bags.


  • Our garden mulch helps to suppress weed growth
  • Helps to conserve soil moisture reducing the need for watering
  • Provides good insulation for plants in colder conditions and extreme heat
  • Mulch will break down improve soil structure and texture over time
  • Mulch will improve health and quality of the soil
  • Enhances the appearance of new and existing beds and border
  • Reduces and helps to prevent soil erosion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Neutral pH balance
  • Peat and compost free
  • Easy to apply
  • Child and pet safe

900 litre bulk bag

(Reusable bag – once your bag of woodland garden mulch is empty it can become a very useful bag for green cuttings and garden waste.)

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Bulk Bag 900 litres, Strapped to pallet


What is woodland mulch?

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. Woodland mulch is produced from a mix a softwood and hardwood which has been chipped and aged. Woodland mulch is a cost-effective mulch option which looks attractive on your beds and borders as well as providing protection from moisture loss and extreme temperatures – reducing the need for watering and protecting plant roots. Also, as the mulch breaks down it improves the soil structure and texture, improves the nutrients available, improves the health of the soil and reduces weed growth.

How to use woodland mulch?

Ideally woodland mulch should be applied to to warm, moist, weeded soil. The most suitable seasons to apply woodland mulch are spring and autumn however it is suitable for use all year.  The mulch should be applied evenly across the soil. This reduces unnecessary evaporation from the soil surface.

How thick should the mulch layer be?

Our finer, decorative garden mulch can be laid to a depth of 50mm. For our coarser woodland garden mulch, a layer of 75mm would be more suitable. If the layer is too thin weed control may be limited.

How long does woodland & decorative mulch last?

Mulch will break down slowly over time. Therefore, we recommend that you replenish your mulch every 2-3 years.


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