Rejuvenate Compost Soil Improver

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  • 10mm compost soil improver
  • Peat-free high quality PAS100 soil improver
  • Use as soil conditioner to enhance the properties of the soil
  • Or use as a garden mulch if using the no dig gardening method
  • 900 litre bulk bag

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Rejuvenate your soil with Rejuvenate, our soil improver produced by composting green and food waste at our composting sites.

Rejuvenate is a peat-free soil improver used to enhance the properties of your soil. Dig Rejuvenate into your soil to increase the fertility and structure of your soil.

  • Rejuvenate is a 10mm Compost Soil Improver
  • Peat-free, high quality PAS100 soil improver which is made from naturally composted organic matter
  • Use as soil improver to enhance the properties of the soil
  • Dig this soil improver into your soil to improve soil health
  • If using the no dig gardening method our soil improver can be used a mulch and left as a layer on top of the soil

Benefits of applying this product to your soil include:

  • Slow release of nutrients
  • Improvement in soil structure and rooting potential
  • Increased moisture retention
  • Improved soil drainage
  • Good source of organic matter
  • Aids carbon sequestration (helping carbon to be stored in the soil)
  • Reduces reliance on peat

Why use our soil improver?

  • Environmentally friendly way to improve your soil
  • Soil improver supplied directly from us, the compost producer
  • Peat-free solution to improve your soil
  • Healthy plants and trees have increased carbon storing capacity

900 litre bulk bag

(Reusable bag – once your bag of soil improver is empty it can become a very useful bag for green cuttings and garden waste.)

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Bulk Bag 900 litres, Strapped to pallet


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Q: Is your soil improver peat free?

A: Our soil improver is made from food & green waste. We cannot guarantee that there are not small quantities of peat from the green waste, however, this is peat that has already been used and is therefore not adding to peat depletion, in fact by using our product you are recycling any traces of peat that may be present.

Q: Is your soil improver the same as compost?

A: Good question and the answer is no. Soil improver is not the same as a multipurpose compost. Think of our soil improver as ‘super charged’ concentrate compost that needs to be diluted. We recommend 1 part soil improver to 2 parts soil or other medium such as wood chip if you wish to plant immediately. Our product can also be used as a weed-suppressing mulch, following the ‘no dig’ method and after prolonged exposure to the elements, which gently releases nutrients, can be replenished, or simply incorporated to improve soil friability and structure, the natural composting effect and earthworms will eventually incorporate the soil improver overtime for you if you aren’t in a hurry.

Q: What is a garden soil improver?

A: Soil improver is an organic material substrate that improves the condition, fertility and structure of the soil. Soil improver should be mixed through the upper layer of the soil, in the root zone of the plants, so that plants grow better and are healthier. In this way, the soil structure is improved and the fertility of the soil increases. In addition, a soil improver is designed to increase the organic matter in the soil. Increasing the organic matter results in an optimal water balance; the water is retained better because the soil is lighter and more friable. An additional advantage is that the soil, therefore, needs to be watered less and there’s also less risk of pests and diseases. Soil improver is not suitable as potting soil as it is too strong in its neat form.

Q: When should I use soil improver?

A: As a standard Soil improver, use prior to planting in the normal manner suitable to what you are growing. As a weed suppressing mulch, our soil improver can be used year-round. As a soil improver for landscaping, again, our product can be used year-round.

Q: Can I plant straight into soil improver?

A: No. Think of our soil improver as ‘super charged’ concentrate compost that needs to be diluted, we recommend 1 part soil improver to 2 parts soil or other medium such as fine wood chip if you wish to plant into it immediately.

Q: How much soil improver is needed?

A: We recommend applying soil improver in a layer of the following thickness over the area you want to improve, depending on your soil type.

  • Heavy clay soil – 80-100mm thick
  • Chalky soil – 50-80mm thick
  • Light sandy soil – 20-50mm thick

The above layers should then be forked in, to a depth of approximately 200mm, in particular heavy soils you may wish to add a little more to improve the soil structure.

As a weed-suppressing mulch, our soil improver should be applied in a sunlight blocking 100mm thick layer.

Terms of Use


Soil conditioning
Rejuvenate can be used to improve the soil when establishing grass/turf, planting beds and when planting trees and shrubs. It can also be combined with soil to improve the quality of backfill material in planting pits. This product should be well mixed with your soil to encourage the best growth.

Rejuvenate can be applied to the soil surface to conserve soil moisture, suppress weeds, and help minimise erosion.

Turf top dressing and divot repair
Rejuvenate can be applied to turf, on its own or as a component of a mix, to improve conditions in the turf root zone. A blend of our soil improver and grass seed can also be used to repair divots. Gently raked in a thin layer across the surface will provide slow-release nutrients to the root system.

Growing media
Rejuvenate can be used in a range of blends with other substrates according to the application, e.g. cells in trays or pots. The formulation should be based on compost test results, such as nutrient content, and any other substrates used in the growing medium. Advice should be sought from a specialist in compost use.

This product keeps best when stored in a cool, dry place. Keep covered to prevent risk of contamination by wind-blown weed seeds and minimise gradual change in biological and chemical characteristics. It will keep best under a gas-permeable cover. Bulk bags of soil improver contain approx. 900L per bag.

The producer of this soil improver has aimed to supply a product that does not contain sharp fragments, toxins, viable seeds or regenerative plant parts. However, the producer cannot guarantee they will never be present. This soil improver contains naturally occurring micro-organisms, some of which may be opportunistic if basic safety precautions are not taken. Normal hygiene precautions such as washing of hands after use and before eating and wearing gloves can prevent most hazards.

This quality soil improver is in part made from food waste. Allowing grazing or harvesting of lands for animal feed to which this soil improver has been applied should not be allowed within 2 months in the case of pigs or 3 weeks in the case
of other farmed animals.

If this soil improver is not stored, handled and used as instructed in this supply document, the producer shall not be liable for any costs, claims, liabilities, damages, consequential losses, or other expenses including, but not limited to any action taken by any regulatory or other competent authority pursuant to any European Union or national laws (including common laws), statutes, directives, regulations, orders, decrees, decisions, directions, guidance or best practices relating to waste and the handling, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste, arising out of such misuse.


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