Envar Composting is an organic waste and biomass recycling operator specialising in the sustainable and cost-effective processing of waste streams on behalf of local authorities, commercial customers and industrial customers across the UK.

Envar process the following waste streams:

• Green waste
• Food waste
• Mixed food and green waste
• Specific organic waste
• Virgin woodchip for biomass

We process green waste, food waste and specific organic waste (including biodegradable packaging) through both in-vessel technology and windrow composting to produce PAS100 compost and CQP-certified soil conditioner.

Both technologies produce PAS100 QP certified compost. The resulting product is put to good use by a range of end-users including farmers, soil blenders, commercial gardeners, sports and amenity sector, and house builders.

The Cambridgeshire site also processes virgin woodchip from tree surgeons and gardeners to produce a chip which is used in a variety of sources including large scale biomass.

Why Choose Us?

Over more than 30 years Envar has built up an enviable reputation as a leading light in the organic waste management industry.

  • Innovative use of technology
  • Market-leading product development
  • Robust operating procedures
  • High standards of integrity
  • Commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Five different sites across the UK
  • Family run
  • Experienced staff
  • Local First – click to view our Local First Policy

About Our Services & Products


Organic waste management

Processing of green waste, food waste, co-mingled food and green waste, and specific organic waste.


Virgin woodchip from tree surgeons and gardeners is processed to produce a chip which is used in large scale biomass.

In-vessel Composting

Efficient, safe, cost-effective and sustainable way of producing a high quality end product.

Open Windrow Composting

Composting conducted in the open air where it is turned on a regular basis before being screened and graded for various end uses.

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