Envar Composting offers muck heap removal throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Available to private yards and businesses. We can also accept stable waste tipping at our sites across England.

Following the acquisition of Alwyn Moss Ltd, Envar are pleased to offer a stable clearance solution to yard owners throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Our experienced drivers, who were previously working for Alwyn, now provide the same great service on behalf of Envar.

Stable clearance including:

  • Horse Manure
  • Used stable bedding
  • Straw and shavings

Our lorries are equipped with grabs to enable us to load directly from your muck heap.

Why should Envar take my stable waste?

Envar is England’s leading composting company, processing green waste (including your stable waste) to create a quality compost soil improver. This method of waste disposal reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, replaces high carbon footprint peat with high quality compost and helps improve the carbon sequestration potential of soil, removing carbon from the atmosphere.

As a horse owner or yard manager, there is a selection of steps you can take to help manage your stable waste and the subsequent removal of it.

  • Situate your muck heap in an easily accessible location, ensuring both convenience for you and accessibility for our trucks. To adhere to Environment Agency regulations, avoid placing the muck heap near watercourses, as runoff poses a risk of water pollution.
  • Optimal muck heap management includes positioning it on a concrete base with a well-defined wall. This not only enhances the overall neatness of the heap but also makes management more efficient and prevents it turning into a disorganised sprawl.
  • Depending on location, our sister companies FGS Agri and FGS Pilcher are happy to assist in the design and building of muck heap clamps. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you burn a muck heap?

A licensed facility, like Envar Composting Ltd, must be used to get rid of solid waste. It is against the law to burn your stable waste/muck heap.

How to get rid of a muck heap?

Envar can remove your muck heap and compost it into PAS100 soil improver, bringing new life to your stable waste.

Can you harrow horse manure?

Some owners opt for harrowing horse manure across their fields opposed to poo picking, however, this isn’t often the best approach. Horses tend to avoid grazing in areas where they defecate, when harrowed, parasite larvae can be spread over areas the horses graze. This will make them much more likely to ingest the parasites and increase the parasite burden within your herd.

Do muck heaps attract rats?

Muck heaps provide ideal burrowing and nesting spots for rats and other pests like flies. We recommend removing your muck heap regularly to prevent an infestation.

How should you care for a muck heap?

Ideally, a muck heap should have a solid concrete base and boundary wall to keep your stable waste contained. Muck should be forked up regularly to keep the muck heap neat and if possible, the surrounding area should be swept daily. Muck can also be trampled down to reduce the volume.

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