Green Compost

Green compost is created by recycling green waste from gardens and parks which undergoes a basic process of:

  • Collection of green waste
  • Shredding
  • Composting
  • Maturation- this process allows the compost to begin breaking down, with aerobic bacteria managing the chemical processes
  • Screening – a process in which compost goes through a drum, removing any over-sized particles
  • Application to land

Other materials which can be used for composting include, waste from vegetable packhouses, brewing waste, and coffee grounds.
Benefits of open windrow green compost include:

  • eligible for use in organic systems
  • provides slow release major and micro nutrients
  • improves soil structure / workability & rooting potential
  • increases moisture retention & soil drainage
  • good source of organic matter (average 7t/ha)
  • Average dry matter content: 57%

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Green Compost Chart edited

Temperature is closely monitored and compost is required to reach a certain temperature dependent on the process, before being applied to land, this is to kill any weed seeds that may be in the compost to prevent the germination of them onto land, and also to kill harmful pathogens within the compost.

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