Organic Waste Management Services

Envar produces quality PAS100 and CQP certified soil conditioner for the agricultural, viticultural and horticultural markets, through the processing of green waste, food waste, co-mingled food and green waste, and specific organic waste.

Envar Composting takes food, green and specific organic waste collected by local authorities and industry from homes and businesses across the UK, and processes it to produce high quality certified compost and topsoil which is put to good use by a range of end-users including farmers, commercial gardeners, house builders and wine-growers.

Envar offers local authorities a cost-effective and sustainable way to reach their targets for diverting organic waste to landfill, building up its reputation as a trusted partner over more than 30 years through its innovative use of technology, market-leading product development, robust operating  procedures and commitment to the highest standards of integrity and environmental responsibility.

Regulatory and legislative compliance is Envar’s number one priority, and its consultants help a large number of organisations to comply with environmental legislation. The company has been instrumental in assisting the development of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations and works of the behalf of the industry on the revised Environmental Permitting Regime in liaison with the Environment Agency and other stakeholders. Envar is fully accredited with the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and its in-vessel compositing system is fully compliant with strict UK Government Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR).

Other services offered by Envar include waste collection and transfer, planning and licensing, liaison with regulators, market development, equipment hire and the design, build, finance and operation of facilities.

Waste to compost process


To find out more about organic waste management services from Envar Composting, email us at or call 01487849840