Organic Waste Management Services

Envar is an organic waste management and recycling company specialising in organic waste and market/product development. Envar has over 30 years experience in composting and work with a number of Local Authorities helping them to achieve key performance indicator targets.

Cost Effective Solutions
Local authorities are faced with recycling and LATS targets to divert organic waste from landfill. Envar works with a number of local authorities and industrial clients to compost waste in a sustainable manner.

Animal By-Product Compliant Process
Envar utilises a double ended batch tunnel in-vessel composting system. The technology partners GiCom are recognised industry leaders. The system is fully enclosed with a biofilter to minimise emissions. The system is ABPR compliant.

Proven Track Record
Envar staff have over 30 years experience in composting. The GiCom system has been developed over a 25 year period.

Envar Comprehensive Service includes:
• ABPR compliant in-vessel composting
• Collection schemes
• Waste transfer facilities
• Planning and licensing
• Liaison with regulators
• Compost market development
• Design, build, finance and operate facilities

Waste to compost process


To find out more about organic waste management services from Envar Composting, email us at or call 01487849840