Kate Stansfield

Kate Stansfield is Business Development and Commercial Director at Envar Composting.  She leads on new business, partnerships and projects to process organic waste at scale to produce renewable biomethane gas and also nutrient rich PAS100 compost and carbon sequestering biofertilizer pellets which contribute to regenerative farming, soil health and crop yields.  She is passionate about the organic waste business and enjoys presenting to audiences and networks to raise understanding of quality green products produced by Envar.

Kate brings a wide breadth of skills from previous roles in the construction and property sectors.  She is a former Chief Operating Officer with over 20 years of project and programme management experience across both public and private organizations and in a variety of sectors – with a focus on central and local government, joint ventures and partnerships. She established the Government Property Agency’s Net Zero program including gaining approval from Treasury for the Program Business Case to retrofit Government offices buildings and to de-carbonise the Whitehall District Heat Network.