Composting is the aerobic decomposition of organic material by micro-organisms, most notably bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes, under controlled conditions to create a soil-like substance.

Composting provides a safe and sustainable way to process and recycle green garden wastes such as grass, leaves, and tree cuttings, and household food and kitchen waste such as fruit, vegetables, bakery, dairy, fish and meat.

Food and kitchen waste must be composted using a safe in-vessel composting system to comply with strict UK Government Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) – the system currently used at Envar’s flagship site in Cambridgeshire. The benefits of compost produced in-vessel include the slow release of major and micro-nutrients, improvement in soil structure and rooting potential, increased moisture retention and soil drainage, and a good source of organic matter, with average dry matter content of 75%.

Green compost produced in open windrows offers the same benefits, but is also eligible for use in organic systems, and with average dry matter content of 57%.

Manner NPK results

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